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Also available as API{proxy ip and port}&t={type: socks/html}&key={your key}

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What's the deal with proxy servers?

Proxy servers are a bit like Bitcoin wallets - They're only safe if you've set them up yourself.

Proxies are still very common on the web any many people use them to bypass geographic restrictions of streaming portals like Netflix.

They also hide your real IP address for your target (not for the proxy itself) and make you somewhat anonymous.

Sounds awesome, what's the problem?

  • If you surf on unencrypted websites the proxy can see everything you see
  • The proxy can inject its own ads on all unencrypted websites you visit
  • The proxy can send you modified javascript files, which your browser will remember and use even after you disconnected from the proxy

Is it really that easy?

Yes! In fact you can create your own JS infecting proxy in a few simple steps with a Linux server and Open Source tools. Here is a simple tutorial: Why are free proxies free? (2013 -

This technique also works with https if the site loads unsafe resources (eg. jquery from a http site).